Mami Wata and Wavescape present the #SurfAfrica Photo Competition

We’re looking for the photos that best capture the unique experience of surfing in Africa. The road trips, the freedom, the friendships, the nature, the adventure and the waves. The photo could be from a recent trip, or you could raid the archive and dig up African surf gold from the past.  A photo of that J-bay road trip in 1975, Namibia in 2003 or Morocco in 2017. Have a look at our Instagram feed @mamiwatasurf to get a flavor for what we are looking for. The criteria for the shots is that they show the essence of surf adventure anywhere in Africa.

The overall winner of the competition will win a Mami Wata X Hugh Thompson board worth up to R10,000 as well as a photo workshop with one of the world renowned judges. There are also lots of hampers of Mami Wata gear and Striped Horse beer to be won!

To enter you simply need to post the picture to Instagram or Facebook with #surfafrica + tag @mamiwatasurf @WavescapeSA. Don’t forget to geotag the image.

There are three rounds and thus three chances to win. Each round will be judged by one of Africa’s finest surf photographers – Alan van Gysen, Greg Ewing or Sacha Specker.

Three winners from each round will win a R2,000 hamper of Mami Wata gear and be entered into the final round.

The photos from the nine finalists from the three rounds will be shown at the Wavescape festival in December where the audience will have a chance to vote on the final winner. There’s also a bonus prize for the photo that received the most likes on Instagram or Facebook. The winner will get the Mami Wata X Hugh Thompson board + a photo workshop with their choice of the judges (in either Durban or Cape Town).

Entry deadlines:

Round 1: Friday 15th September. Judge – Greg Ewing

Round 2: Friday 20th October. Judge – Alan van Gysen

Round 3: Friday 24th Nov. Judge, Sacha Specker.


Greg Ewing

Any photographer worth their salt can freeze a decent moment, lock it onto film or a memory card and consider it a done deal. But Greg Ewing has fine tuned his craft to a point where he no longer captures a moment, but moulds and shapes them into unique images that imprint themselves on the mind’s eye long after you’ve flipped the page or looked away.
Nurturing himself on a liquid diet of surfing since the age of 16 when he started surfing, Greg soon shifted his focus to behind the lens. Since then, he’s been transferring that stoke to the multitude of incredible images he’s produced over the years, forming the backbone of a prolific career to date.
A stint as Senior Photographer of Amped Magazine was the stepping stone for the position of Photo Editor at Zigzag Surfing Magazine, where he honed his technical skills to a tee and specialised in executing original surf travel expeditions to undiscovered and lesser know African destinations and beyond. All this while still keeping his finger on the trigger and solidifying his position as one of South Africa’s primo surf photographers.

Alan van Gysen

Alan van Gysen is one of the worlds most respected surf photographers. With an inextinguishable drive and natural flair he has spent the past twenty years carving his mark into the international scene. His dedication to his craft has seen him capturing the artistry of South Africa’s and the world’s top surfers. Alan’s style is unmistakable. Preferring to shoot from the water he feeds off his subject’s energy, bringing his personal perspective to the moment and creating a tailored fusion of motion, time and space. His photographs exude a clarity and vibrancy that stirs every droplet of water to life, reflecting the very essence of what it means to be a surfer.

In his life and his work Alan maintains an infectious positivity and enviable sense of balance. He is always looking forward and has the ability to constantly see the bigger picture. A meticulous work ethic, down to earth attitude and passion for his life behind the lens has brought him a degree of contentment seldom seen in others his age. A successful career that continues to flourish, an amazing wife, three children, and a wonderful home in the coastal suburb of Kommetjie, nestled in the south peninsula of Cape Town, a stone’s throw away from the beaches he loves to surf.

Sasha Specker

Sacha was born and raised in Cape Town, South Africa. After studying Nature Conservation at the Cape Peninsula University of Technology (CPUT) he decided to steer down a path of passion and pursue a career in professional bodyboarding, chasing waves and competition around the world. In late 2007 he was intrigued by the idea of capturing the experiences he was so lucky to enjoy on his travels. His interest shifted from riding waves to photographing them. With a worry free outlook on life, he spent most of his 20’s circling the globe, while competing and also taking the opportunity to hone his photographic skills as Photographic Media Manager for the International Bodyboarding Association (IBA). Spending endless hours in the water, while documenting action sports at the highest level, his interest grew toward the intricate and ever-morphing shape, colour, texture and incredible detail waves had to offer. Today he finds peace and joy while immersed, camera in hand, always moving and always searching for an interesting image to unfold and capture.


– Post the photo to Instagram or Facebook with #surfafrica and tag @mamiwatasurf @WavescapeSA

– Hi-res shot required should the shot be selected.

– You need to have taken the photo yourself. You cannot enter photos that you have taken off the internet or elsewhere.

– The photos can be from any time period.

– The photos must have been taken somewhere in Africa, and show an element of surf lifestyle.

– Three winners per a round will each win a Mami Wata hampers (T-shirt, Boardies, Trunks, Cap, Coffee) and a case of Striped Horse in total worth R2k.

The overall winner will win the board worth up to R10,000 + photo workshop with a judges of their choice (in either Cape Town or Durban)

– Mami Wata and Wavescape will have the right to share entrants and winners on instagram + FaceBook, as well as use printed images at pop up “live” events. Images will not be used for any marketing or advertising purposes, and thus images and usage rights will not be needed.

The judges’ decision is final and winners will be notified when they have won.
The prizes are not transferable for cash or any other product or prize.

Mami Wata will host the competition details page on our website.

If you have any questions please email spike@wavescape.co.za or nick@mamiwata.surf